Friday, September 19, 2014
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What's news as of 1/22/10? There are a fewn things changing on (besides this news roller).  Please check out this article for details about curreint and comming features on
What's different about We don't compare our site to anybody else but we do have some thoughts about what we're about here that might be different.

This site does not represent the views of Alcoholics Anonymous, the AA General Service Office, AA World Services, The AA Grapevine, any central office, AA group or meeting.  For information about AA and AA meetings or literature, please reference the official AA (GSO) Web Site or check other resources online or in your phone book.

Welcome to AA Renewal!

This web site has been created and is supported by a bunch of long-time sober alcoholics.  We are currently located in the western portion of the US, but we've been sober in a lot of states and cities through the years.  What brings us together is our love of AA.  Unabashed.  Unequivocal.  AA saved our lives and we're very grateful.  What also brings us together is a concern that AA just ain't what it used to be, isn't attracting new members like it once did, and isn't holding on to oldtimers like us like it once did.  We're concerned the movement's spirit is drained, it's future is not assured, and that a lot of real alcoholics are no longer finding AA attractive.


What is on the web site?

This web site is supported solely for the discussion of issues regarding the program and organization of Alcoholics Anonymous.  It's sole purpose is the support and facilitation of conversations that are happening throughout the organization by members who are concerned that our future be assured.

The layout of this site is organized as follows (tabs at the top of the page can navigate you to these areas):

Public Blogs These are articles written by members who's opinions may or may not reflect members as a whole
FAQ Questions and answers about topics we think folks might be wondering about.
Forum This is a discussion forum where you are welcome to share your opinions on AA or this site.  While all opinions are generally welcomed, this is a moderated forum and you will be expected to constrain conversation appropriately.
About General information about, who we are, and how the site and membership works.

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